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Spiritual Services

Spiritual coaching and advising is available to individuals via email or in person as the neokoros' schedule permits. Coaching helps people to develop their own spiritual goals and a plan for reaching those goals. Sessions are scheduled in groups of three. Donations are gratefully accept to compensate the time of the Neokoros but are not required. Disclaimer: although coaching sessions focus on spiritual matters, other personal conversations may also develop as no aspect of people's lives are completely separate from one another. All spiritual coaching is confidential.

  • Public and Semi-Public Rituals
  • Healing
  • Divinations
Each month, HTAZP hosts semi public rituals to honor the temple patrons as well as the other Gods of the Greek Religion. Because the rituals are held in a private home temple, interested parties must contact the Neokoros in advance (and preferably meet with him at a neutral location) prior to attending a service. Rituals are also held at Pagan Pride festivals on a public basis once per year.

If you are unable to attend a festival, but would like to have a prayer, incense or libation offered on your behalf to the God being honored, email the Neokoros at least one day prior to the ritual. The Neokoros also performs a ritual in the temple once per week and is available to offer prayers to the Gods during these times as well.


The Neokoros of HTAZP is a certified Reiki practitioner and able to perform distance Reiki healings for individuals. Reiki is a traditional Japanese form of energy healing which focuses the body's own healing energy in order to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. In order to be consistent, healings will be performed once per month and will focus on a list of individuals who have requested healing during this month. If you would like to request a healing, please email the Neokoros with your name and any information about the type of healing you would like to receive and you shall be placed on the list for the next healing session.

There is no cost for this service, although individuals are encouraged to make offerings to Apollon and Pan as deities of Healing on their own time. Please understand that Reiki is intended to be used along with traditional medicine and not to be used as a substitute for medication, counseling or other professional health service.
Divination (or Manteia in Greek terms) uses various methods including tarot cards, stones, or oracular prophesy to receive advice or guidance from the Gods. Divinations will be performed once per month on a date determined by the Neokoros. If you are interested in a divination/reading, please email the Neokoros with your question.

Please understand that when you request a divination, it is a religious service offered to you and not intended as a means of entertainment. Each person is responsible for their own actions and decisions. Please treat the practice of divination with respect.


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